Jan 162012

Looking back, I spent most of my adult life working with one organization. And I was fortunate: both for being part of a ‘can do’ work culture, and by being surrounded by very talented people.

That was one reality. Now that I’m on my own: I realize that it was also like living inside a bubble – both of my making and of others. Like being part of a big family, the expectations of yourself and others were pretty well defined over time – your potential and your talent. Things you can do, the things you can’t … the whole known world, as it were, was known about you. Intuitively, of course, you knew there was more.


“Why in the world would anybody want to put chains on me?

I paid my dues to make it.”   

— Easy by Lionel Richie


No matter if you react against or accept this reality; you still have to deal with the consequences.


“Everybody wants me to be what they want me to be,

I’m not happy when I try to fake it.”


But now anything is possible. I feel I can survive just being me. I’ve hopefully matured over the years, and I’ve had time to reflect, and I can better appreciate the feelings of others. It’s like a rebirth. Being free is a gift I give thanks for every day. Free to be yourself and free to help others along the way.


“That’s why I’m easy… easy like a Sunday morning.”


More importantly though, I realize that we can’t make it by ourselves. And that’s the real freedom – the realization of how much we are really loved.


It’s a new year … may your life reflect that to others.

Fred Parry

Fred Parry(fredparry.ca)