Dec 202009

As stories go, it’s not a long story – or as Charles Dickens said about A Christmas Carol, a story “which shall not put my readers out of humour with themselves, with each other, with the season, or with me”. 


I begin by remembering Christmas past:


When I was a child, I received two gifts I remember well: a genuine Lionel electric train set, with the larger gauge track, and a crystal radio which had a big round dry volt battery.


And, I remember just two things about those gifts: I had a lot of fun with them and I never saw them again until I was clearing up my father’s estate, many years later, in the same home.

I believe (to paraphrase Dickens), it haunted his house pleasantly.  


I must now link to Christmas present:


Our children are grown and I wonder what will they remember about their Christmas?  Probably certain gifts, but hopefully the love expressed by family and friends. That’s the best gift I can wish for them.


What about Christmas in the future?


After we’re gone I wish that our children and grandchildren will also treasure the collective gifts from us all:  a more peaceful, loving, and sustainably friendly world– and even more– an inward peace that ‘passes all understanding’.


Is that too much to hope for? My father held on to more than broken toys from the past – he held on to happy family memories … my best gift. May you also make memories that our ‘global family’ will hold on to and cherish – with no expiry date.


So, here’s to a life well lived … the best gift I can wish for you … for this and every Christmas.

Season’s Greetings!

 Fred Parry

Dec 142009


Here is the beloved one, in hospital bed a-lying.

Monitors all disconnected now, the old sailor knows he’s dying.


Yet with it, the family understands, it’s what he’s been wanting.

Sick and unable to move, these past few weeks been daunting.


Above a computer screen urgently flashes … no time remaining.

Yet, he lives on – in slumber-induced sleep – ever weighing his staying.


He hears well the nurse’s instructions, adjusting his body again.

but he waits – until the last voice of loved ones, proved that they’ve been.


Now, the trial seems over, so clearly seen on his face.

With peace and contentment the new order, all worry’s been replaced.


A life worth celebrating, his favourite music plays.

Drinks all ‘round is called for … seems like old days.


And later, in the wee hours, when a last breath is drawn.

Under calm skies and time remaining, he sails into the dawn!