Feb 262009

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions (Part 2)



As I look back, I can clearly see the impact of certain decisions in my life.


The curious thing is, where I ended up as a result, was not as important as where I ended up next.


For example, deciding to go to ‘the big city’ for a career change made it possible for me to land a better job back in the same small town which I had left, and a career that lasted 24 years. That whole decision process started with me throwing a stick in the river: my decision based on where it ended up.


And now I wonder if it’s déjà vu – all over again?


Years after raising a family, paying off a mortgage and filling an old farmhouse with a lifetime of memories, we have arrived from there to here, alone, as ‘empty nesters’. It’s not bad; it’s just different.


So where do we go from here when my heart says “go”, but the economy says “woe!”? (I don’t think throwing a hundred sticks in the river is going to answer this one.) It’s like driving a car with one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake, at the same time. Going nowhere costs a lot.


If you have a real purpose in mind, it’s easy; but what if you don’t?


A wise old Chinese proverb advises, “Above all things, guard the purity of your vision.” Where is that vision now? Maybe there’s a glimmer of hope in the belief that we’re here for a reason. Regardless, songwriter Bruce Cockburn says,


“You have to kick at the darkness, till it bleeds daylight.”


Asking is the first step. I think something deep inside is starting to stir already.

Decisions, decisions, decisions                (Please see Part 3)



Fred Parry

Fred Parry